Self-proclaimed Activision employee shared a short video from Modern Warfare 2 and revealed new details

Activision is trying to stop the leaks by all means, but, apparently, to no avail. In the past few hours, 4chan has featured new video Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, supposedly for internal use only, which had some interesting information attached.

It was shared on a social network by a user claiming to be an Activision employee. The protagonist of the leak was the long-awaited DMZ mode, which should be a completely new mode for the series, partly inspired by Escape from Tarkov. According to the leak, the DMZ maps will feature different biomes (forest, desert, etc.), a dynamic weather system, a day/night cycle, and will be able to accommodate between 20 and 35 players.

However, there will still be some confusion on the Call of Duty Warzone 2 front. An insider says that decisions were made overnight and without planning. The developers at Infinity Ward, who are tasked with bringing the battle royale into a new era, are reportedly experimenting with numerous ideas and solutions with great enthusiasm (and diligence). Upper management has reportedly not yet come to an agreement on the final name and the possibility of denaming Warzone, which, despite its great popularity, has recently lost some of its appeal and credibility.

Despite the new engine, an “Activision employee” also urged not to expect a big graphical leap from Modern Warfare (2022), according to him, the past generation is to blame.

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