Sequel to ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ is in production

The sequel to the action movie “Law Abiding Citizen” received a green light almost ten years after the release of the original film. Law Abiding Citizen was released on October 16, 2009. Gerard Butler played Clyde Shelton, an engineer whose wife and daughter are killed in front of him. When the killer is released, he decides to take the law into his own hands and take revenge. The film also stars Viola Davis, Bruce McGill, Leslie Bibb, Regina Hall and Jamie Foxx as Nick Rice, the lawyer who makes the deal.

Upon its release, Law Abiding Citizen did not make much of an impression on critics. At the time, its reception was mixed to negative, and the film currently holds a 26% Rotten Tomatoes rating, although it boasts a 75% audience rating. The film did well at the box office as well, grossing $127.9 million internationally on a $50 million budget. The film performed well, but not enough to provoke a sequel.

According to Deadline, Law Abiding Citizen 2 has officially entered production. Producers Lucas Foster and Alan Siegel return, along with star Gerard Butler and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer as producers. Rob Paris and Mike Weatherill of Rivulet Films are also producing, while Village Roadshow Pictures executive producers Tristen Tuckfield and Gillian Apfelbaum are executive producers. There is currently no information about the plot or cast of the film.

The news comes just months after the film experienced a resurgence in popularity on Netflix. The streaming service uploaded “Law Abiding Citizen” to its catalog in early December 2021, and it quickly rose to a high #3 position on its weekly chart. It held up against such popular Netflix films at the time as the all-star action comedy Red Notice (which brought together Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot) and the Sandra Bullock thriller Unforgiven.

Given that Gerard Butler’s production involvement with Law Abiding Citizen 2 has already been announced, it seems unlikely that he will star in the project. If that were the case, it would probably have been announced at the same time. This means that they are likely looking for a new star for the project, and it will be interesting to see if they choose an established action hero like Butler already was in his day, or give a fresher star a chance to work in the genre.

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