Shadow Warrior 2 for only 69 rubles on Steam

The famous cooperative action game Shadow Warrior 2 received a record 90% discount and is sold on Steam at a price of 69 rubles. At the same time, DLC games are completely free and some of them have already been added to the game. At the same time, the Shadow Warrior Collection set costs only 136 rubles 80 kopecks and contains three games in the series – Shadow Warrior Classic Redux from 97, the first and second parts of the restart.

Shadow Warrior 2 is an amazing sequel to the original FPS by Flying Wild Hog. In it, you will meet again with the former corporate shogun Lo Wang and learn about his misadventures. He lives as a hermit on the very edge of a polluted world, doing odd jobs. But this great warrior will again have to combine all the destructive power of rifles, blades, magic and ingenuity in order to defeat the legions of demons that have flooded this world.

The discount will be valid until February 3rd. The game contains Steam achievements and trading cards.

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