Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready or Not Get NVIDIA Reflex Updates


NVIDIA added updates for Shadow Warrior 3 And Ready or not. GeForce players in the aforementioned games will now be able to see reduced latency and gain a competitive edge thanks to NVIDIA Reflex.

NVIDIA Reflex is a set of technologies that optimize and measure system latency in competitive gaming. The goal of the package is to reduce system latency so that action happens faster, make players more competitive in multiplayer matches, and make single-player games more responsive. Because of this, Reflex is widely used in many esports games.

So let’s start with updates for Shadow Warrior 3. Earlier this month, the game received a performance boost of up to 68% by adding support for NVIDIA DLSS. Now, with the latest NVIDIA Reflex updates, Shadow Warrior 3 players can experience up to 56% lower in-game system latency. As such, players can now experience Shadow Warrior 3 with reduced latency and DLSS-accelerated frame rates.

NVIDIA Reflex will also appear in the co-op shooter Ready or not. In a game where milliseconds matter, it’s important to have the lowest latency possible. NVIDIA Reflex enhancements to the game deliver up to 42% better performance by reducing latency.

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