Shadow Warrior fans have criticized the new game trailer


Yesterday on the official Devolver Digital channel, the premiere of the new, third trailer for the game Shadow Warrior 3 took place. Now the trailer has only 581 likes and a lot of comments with criticism from the players.

The reason for the criticism was the replacement of the original voice actor Lo Wang – shortly before the release, it became known that Jason Liebrecht was leaving the Shadow Warrior team and making way for Mike Moh. The players felt that Mike Moh was not up to the role of Lo Wang and there was no real reason to replace the actor.

The new VA didn’t seem so bad in one of the last long gameplays, but here it really comes into its own. I was excited about this game, but every time I hear a new Wang, I get so sad 🙁 – User Orava Vihrea

Everything looks amazing, but the voice acting doesn’t suit Lo Wang. Devolver made a really stupid move by changing it. – user Franco Muller

I was really looking forward to this, but the new voice acting completely kills my mood, unfortunately … – user XCPTNL

It’s not the same without Jason Liebrecht’s Lo Wang. I like Mike’s stuff, but… he’s not Lo Wang – Gabriel Strange

RIP Lo Wang Sep 2013 – March 2022 by Calypso user

It is interesting that the trailer feels much more successful on the PlayStation channel – there the trailer has 2.3 thousand likes and positive comments from the players. The difference is probably due to the fact that PC players remember the previous games in the series well, while on consoles the game is not so well known.

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