Ship Graveyard Simulator will soon be able to dismantle submarines


Dismantling simulator of old ships Ship Graveyard Simulator new downloadable content coming soon. Ship Graveyard Simulator: Submarines is a downloadable content that adds submarines to the game. These boats are capable of carrying a variety of weapons, including nuclear warheads. Now – thanks to the DLC – you will be able to see for yourself what the interior of the submarine looks like. But you won’t just go sightseeing. You will have to dismantle them and extract resources to further improve your company.

The Submarines DLC brings more than just submarines for scrapping. You will be able to purchase new tents, further upgrade your house, increase the carrying capacity and much more.

Ship Graveyard Simulator was released on Steam in November 2022. Since then, the developers have prepared several updates that have improved the gameplay. They also worked on fixing bugs in the game.

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