Silent Hill’s father wants to make another “classic psychological horror”


The father of Silent Hill, Keiichiro Toyama, said he would like to do “something with classic psychological horror themes, like I did with Silent Hill”.

Keiichiro Toyama is known for his work on games such as Gravity Rush and Siren, but by far what he is best known for is Silent Hill, Konami’s long dormant horror series. Toyama recently revealed his next game, Slitterhead, which seems to focus more on action than horror, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely giving up on psychological horror.

He talked about what games he wants to make in the future, reflecting on his history with Silent Hill and why Slitterhead seems to be heading in a different direction.

I want to do something with classic psychological horror themes someday, like I did with Silent Hill. However, I’d rather do this when I’m working with really limited resources like budget or the need to focus on individuality. Right now we have employees who can work on the action. I want to use my skills to go in a different direction. However, I also want to do something more personal someday.

If you’re concerned about this description that Slitterhead is going to focus too much on action, then don’t worry, as Toyama also talked about some of the moments in Slitterhead that focus a little more on psychological horror. He said:

I wanted a game that could be enjoyed for its action, but the concept didn’t solely revolve around killing enemies. This is a conflict with the mind, making players reluctant to engage in certain fights. I want to achieve both action and drama with this game.

Slitterhead was shown as part of The Game Awards 2021 and seems to focus a lot more on action and body horror than psychological horror. So far, only one trailer for the game has been shown, but it looks like the game should release sometime in 2023.

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