Skydance New Media is developing a new game based on the Marvel Universe

The new Marvel game comes from Skydance New Media, the gaming arm of the media giant headed by writer and director Amy Hennig of Uncharted.

Skydance New Media will be a “story-driven blockbuster action adventure” with an original story set in the Marvel Universe.

Hennig said in a statement, “The Marvel Universe embodies all the action, mystery and thrill of an adventure genre that I adore, and is perfect for an interactive experience.”

Hennig added, “I am honored to tell an original story with all the humanity, complexity and humor that make Marvel characters so resilient and allow our players to embody the heroes they love.”

Marvel Games boss Jay Ong said of Skydance New Media: “Their ambition and vision to create innovative entertainment using their beloved Marvel IP was evident from our first meeting. We’re excited to share more information with Marvel fans when the time is right. ”

Skydance New Media said it has assembled a “seasoned” development team with “decades” of experience in the action and adventure genres. The games team will also work with creative consultants in the film, television and comic book industries.

Skydance’s new Marvel game isn’t the only new Marvel game project currently in development, as Spider-Man developer Insomniac is creating a new Wolverine game with Spider-Man 2.

This isn’t the first time Hennig has worked on the giant media franchise as she worked on an undeclared Star Wars game at EA before it all fell apart.

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