Skyrim fans share their favorite quotes from the game


User Lobsbirdacis_ in the official community of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim decided to ask the question: “What is your favorite quote from Skyrim?”. The author himself offered his own version:

“Thalmor Bitch” – Ulfric Stormcloak

The question turned out to be interesting for the fans and they actively began to write their own options, in parallel with this, increasing the rating of the quotes of other users that they liked the most. The result is a rating of the best quotes of the game.

List of top rated quotes:

“Nords often wear fur armor. M’aiq gets nervous sometimes.” M’aiq the Liar.

“Mom should be lubricated soon … all hard-to-reach places ..” — Cicero

“Does stealing help you feel less powerless?” — Neloth

“If someone sneaks up on us, I’ll smell them coming. Or maybe not. We’ll see.” — J’zargo

“Look at the prey, not at the horizon” — Farkas

“What you learn here will help you throughout your life. And even several lives, if you have the talent” — Savos Aren

“Where’s my steward? Varona! Oh yes… she’s dead.” — Neloth

“I would be much warmer and much better off with a belly full of mead.” — Stormcloak Soldier

“Legends Don’t Burn Villages” — Ulfric Stormcloak

“Let your roads lead you to warm sands” — Ma’jad


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