Skyrim VR has advanced to the point where you can spank NPCs to your heart’s content


Skyrim VR in 2018 was billed as a brand new way to experience Skyrim, but fans found that it was basically just the original Skyrim with the best view. Many of the sandbox features found in other VR games that give you the feel of a physical world in a virtual world just weren’t present in Skyrim VR.

Three years later, and everything has changed. Modders have taken Skyrim VR and added features to it that let you reach out and touch everything you can get your hands on, from the guard’s helmet to that sweet bun you were eyeing in the Prancing Mare. Or, if you prefer, you can just beat the crap out of Nazim.

User Reddit BlackNair posted this funny gif to show how far modding in Skyrim VR has come. Normally, attacking an NPC like this will result in an attack by guards, but Skyrim VR requires you to prepare your fists as “weapons” before it counts as an actual attack. Combined with the new PLANCK mod, this allows players to hit NPCs with their open palm.

Maud PLANCK, or “Physical Animation and Character Kinetics” by FlyingParticle, updates Skyrim VR’s physics engine to fundamentally change the way characters interact. You can slap someone, or you can pick someone up and throw them. PLANCK is also updating melee combat to be more realistic, and requires the player’s sword to hit the opponent’s ragdoll before it registers damage.

However, the most important thing is that thanks to PLANCK you can actually pet your dog.

You can also hit someone on the head and that head will return to its original position. The fact that NPCs don’t seem to care too much about being spanked is in stark contrast to recent Will Smith events, but there’s always room for improvement when it comes to modding Skyrim.

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