Slitterhead will cover “multiple genres” and appeal to “players who don’t normally play horror games”


Yesterday, Bokeh, developers of Slitterhead, hosted a Q&A session. The main quotes from the long 23-minute video were highlighted by the gaming portal Eurogamer:

Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, who is the CEO of Bokeh Game Studios:

The game is not entirely related to the horror genre. It covers several genres in which horror is expressed. From here, I wanted to expand the player base that could access the game, including players who don’t normally play horror games. There is an aspect of horror that I want to include, even if the game is more action oriented. There are also some slow and fast moments. I would like to include some elements of horror in the slower parts, balancing with moments of insane action.

Toyama also talked about the Silent Hill series and psychological horror:

I want to do something with some classic psychological horror themes someday, like I did with Silent Hill. However, I prefer to do this when I’m working with really limited resources, like budget or the need to focus on one person. Right now, we have people capable of working on action. I want to use their skills to develop in a different direction. However, I also want to do something more personal someday.”


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