Some Elden Ring fans want Radan’s nerf reversed


The Elden Ring 1.03 update added a new NPC and expanded the quest phases of existing NPCs, which are changes well received by the community. However, it looks like the update also nerfed Radan, making what was once one of the toughest Elden Ring boss fights a lot easier. Some fans want FromSoftware to undo the changes made to Radan in order to return the intimidating boss to his former glory.

Although it wasn’t detailed in the patch notes, FromSoftware made the Radan fight easier. Dataminers have found that Radan deals less damage and is less likely to hit players after the update. Players who were never able to kill Radan may have appreciated the nerf, but there are those who have enjoyed the challenge and want the nerf to be canceled so that the boss is once again one of the hardest in the game.

However, others pointed out that one of the reasons the fight with him was so tough was because of his inaccurate hit box. Those. sometimes Radan would reach players even if his swords never touched them. So one of the reasons why Radan’s boss fight was so difficult initially was because it was actually unfair.

Of course, there are other ways FromSoftware can make Boss Radan fight harder without changing hitboxes again. A simple increase in damage will likely go a long way in ensuring it continues to be a problem for players. However, it’s unclear if the developer has any plans to tweak Radan again.

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