Some fans are angry that Cortana is not blue in Halo


Halo is getting its own TV show on Paramount+, and so far the trailer has made most people happy – the Master Chief is a brooding, hulking man with faithfully recreated armor, POV cutscenes that pay homage to the games, and the Covenant looks as grotesque as ever. But Cortana isn’t blue, so fans aren’t happy.

Cortana in games is blue, with iridescent particles that make it obvious that she is not human and not even remotely organic. Cortana in the show is a CGI human, like Tarkin in Rogue One. The Internet has collectively decided that she looks unsettling, that something is wrong, and some even compare her to the original Sonic design.

Cortana has been trending on Twitter since the trailer came out. Most of the top posts are negative, expressing the problems of the “uncanny valley” and the fallacy of not being blue.

But there’s a plus for naysayers who don’t like this new Cortana – she’s being voiced by the same actress who voiced her in the games.

It’s possible this new Cortana will end up capturing people’s hearts, but so far, the backlash has been, for the most part, filled with outrage.

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