Sons of the Forest delayed until October


Endnight Games, developer of The Forest, has announced that the Sons of the Forest sequel has been pushed back to October.

Endnight Games announced a May 2022 release date last November, but admitted that the team was too ambitious about the game’s progress.

Hey everyone, Over the last few weeks, we’ve realized that our May 2022 release date for Sons Of The Forest was too ambitious. To fulfill our vision for the next step in survival gaming, we have decided to move the release date to October 2022.

The game was first announced in December 2019 and promises even more of the terrifying open-world survival horror that the first game became known for. In Sons of the Forest, players will once again go empty-handed to a spooky island where they must forage, create, and build to ensure their own survival.

If you don’t like it, cool your fucking CFRP.

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