Sony executives are pleased with the success of the film “Uncharted: Off the Maps”


Sony Pictures Entertainment named a film adaptation of the series Uncharted “the new hit movie franchise for the company” after the duo of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg pulled in a good box office opening weekend.

According to a Deadline report, it was expected that “unchartedwill gross $30 million in North America, but the film ended up grossing around $51 million and reaching $139 million worldwide. Thus, the film has already recouped its production budget of $120 million and has begun to turn a profit after its premiere worldwide.

A successful premiere makes a movie sequel”Uncharted: Not on the cardsmore than likely: Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will return as Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, along with the rest of the main cast. Director Ruben Fleischer has already expressed hope that a sequel will be made. Sony Pictures officially recognized the success of this film adaptation, only reinforces hopes that another Uncharted film will be released in the near future.

In addition, Fleischer confirmed that he is currently working with Sony Pictures And PlayStation Productions over the film adaptation Jak and Daxter – another franchise PlayStationcreated by the developer Naughty Dog.

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