Sony has revealed sales of PC versions of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. By 2026, 50% of the company’s releases will be on PC

Sony hosted 2022 business segment briefings and Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan hosted a PlayStation Business presentation. This follows Sony’s corporate strategy meeting, which takes a closer look at the strategy for the gaming and network services segment.

Ryan mentioned that PlayStation had record earnings for the year, despite a recent transition that is considered “extremely strong”. Sony is convinced the PS5 will be its “biggest platform”. Buyer interest has nearly doubled compared to the same period in the PS4’s life cycle.

Sony said that by March 2026, half of the company’s releases will be related to PC and mobile releases.

The exact sales figures for the former PlayStation exclusives recently released on PC have also become known. Horizon Zero Dawn sold 2.398 million copies, generating $60 million in revenue for the company. God of War sold 971,000 copies for $26.2 million and Day Gone sold 852,000 copies for $22.7 million.

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Sony talks about sales of PC versions of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Days Gone