Sony is sending out emails to journalists, apparently there will be an event dedicated to PlayStation VR 2 soon


Sony may be planning a PlayStation VR 2 reveal in the next few days, which has already been made clear by several rumors and seems to be confirmed by the sending of suspicious emails to several journalists and users, which suggest that a massive presentation of the new headset will take place in the near future. At least that’s what Tom Henderson thinks, according to him, such letters came before the presentation of the Playstation 5.

On the other hand, the PlayStation VR2 was supposed to be one of the topics of Sony’s famous three big announcements that were supposed to take place this week, but which at the moment seem to be postponed (or partly debunked). With the reorganization of PlayStation Plus into three variants, the other topics would be PlayStation VR 2 and possibly something about the game or a possible major acquisition.

The latter has surfaced with some new announcements from various insiders, but the most concrete advance seems to be the introduction of the PlayStation VR2, for now. The “PlayStation VR 2 unveiling” emails seem pretty straightforward, and it’s entirely possible that there will be an event next week that will showcase the new PS5 VR headset in more detail.

This is also supported by recent statements by Greg Miller and Jeff Grubb, although we are still talking about rumors. We recently saw a video from the PlayStation VR2 and Unity presentation at GDC 2022 showing that the PS5 device is already close to its full form and market launch.

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