Sony’s most unsuccessful project: critics defeated the rating of the film “Morbius”


Even before the official premiere, very disturbing news about a new superhero film from Sony went around the net. The first press reviews on “Morbius” with Jared Leto recommended to completely ignore and not go to the cinema. Ordinary viewers announced a boycott of the project on social networks due to cut scenes that at least hinted at a connection with Spider-Man. And after the release of the film in cinemas, nothing has changed – the picture disappointed everyone.

The release of full-fledged reviews literally destroyed the rating of the film on all aggregators. “Morbius” on Rotten Tomatoes collected only 19%, and on Metacritic received 37 points out of 100. Critics rated the overall quality of the tape extremely low, which does not even live up to the standards of “bad superhero movies”. The picture is called banal and boring, and the development of the plot is even afraid to describe in a censored form.

Interestingly, it is worth noting that some reviewers often compare Morbius with Venom in their reviews. In their opinion, the black symbiote film came out a mess better even in the action part, which was criticized the most.

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