“Spider-Man explores Siberia”: in the amazing works of an artist from Russia

Back in 2020, Russian artist Yevgeny Zubkov surprised many Spider-Man fans by showing their favorite superhero in an unfamiliar place for him – Siberia. As it turned out, the author did not abandon this interesting idea and even after two years continues to develop it. On your personal page in VK he published the second part of atmospheric images.

According to Zubkov, his version of Spider-Man comes from the harshest regions of Siberia in the 2000s. The young superhero will have to protect the city from many dangers, among which Venom lurks. For the villain, the artist even came up with a little story, depicting it on a fictional newspaper.

In addition, references to Spider-Man films and original comics can be seen with the naked eye in the artist’s works.

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