Square Enix is ​​rumored to be considering postponing Forspoken’s release date and releasing Final Fantasy 16 instead

There is no doubt that the development of Forspoken is not going according to plan. The Luminous Productions action RPG was supposed to see the light of day this month, but its release has been pushed back to October 11, 2022. But according to the latest rumors, it could get another release date pushback.

Keeping gamers in awe was Shpeshal Nick on the latest episode of his Xbox Era podcast. According to eavesdropped conversations behind the scenes, Square Enix is ​​considering another postponement of the release date for Forspoken, which can take place on one condition, namely that Final Fantasy 16 takes its place in the release window for the fall of 2022.

This is a suggestive scenario, although it cannot be said exactly how plausible it is. We haven’t seen anything worthwhile about Final Fantasy 16 so far, and the only material we have at our disposal is from the 2020 announcement trailer. You might think that development on FF16 is well behind development on Forspoken, which even showed gameplay videos, but on the other hand, the latest news is encouraging: in April, producer Naoki Yoshida announced that Final Fantasy 16 had entered the final stages of development, and it’s been a few weeks now. There are rumors of a new, upcoming State of Play dedicated to Final Fantasy 16.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: it’s in Square Enix’s interest to launch the two games at different times, so if Forspoken comes out in October 2022, then Final Fantasy 16 probably won’t arrive until 2023 at the earliest.

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