Square Enix President Says Japanese Studios Shouldn’t Try to Emulate Western Style Games


In a new interview, Yosuke Matsuda explains that while it’s important that Square Enix games sell well globally, it would be a mistake for Japanese developers to try to emulate the Western style of games.

The gaming market is now globalized. Previously, the domestic market was large, but now it is inferior to China and the United States. If you are not recognized globally, then you are not in business. But it’s interesting that if Japanese developers try to imitate Western games, they can’t make a good game. Monster designs, visuals and sound effects are all still somewhat Japanese. And players around the world know that this is what makes Japanese games good.

Square Enix almost always relies on Western studios to create games aimed at Western audiences, while its Japanese studios work on games traditionally considered “Japanese” in style, such as JRPGs.

Although the company has published games such as the reboot of the Tomb Raider series, Life Strange, Marvel’s Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy, they have been produced by developers in North America and Europe.

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