Starfield will receive an updated persuasion mechanic from Oblivion


A new Starfield dev diary has revealed that the persuasion minigame from Oblivion has been updated and incorporated into Starfield’s dialogue systems.

No footage of this mechanic has been shown, but lead quest designer Will Shen has explained what is behind it.

We sat down and it was funny because we didn’t start with “let’s look back at the old Oblivion system”, but there are a couple of things. You should be thinking, “What is my risk here? Which one do I want to take?” We didn’t want it to be a system where you could definitely say the right thing.

Todd Howard added:

It feels like you’re having a conversation where you’re actually trying to convince someone of something. As for the new dialogue system, I think it’s definitely one of the most successful we’ve had.

If you need to refresh your memory, Oblivion had a mini-game during some dialogue scenes that was used to convince NPCs. He used a wheel cut into pie-shaped segments that represented actions such as admiration, joking, boasting, and coercion. Over the course of a series of rounds, you could manipulate the character’s character, which was made easier by high speech stats or by using a bribe.

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