State of Decay 2’s latest update includes graphical improvements to three original maps


State of Decay 2 has become a pretty good game thanks to its intense zombie survival experience and constant pursuit Undead Labs support it with new content and improvements. Recently it became known that State of Decay 2 will continue to be updated throughout 2022 and today the game received its first update of the year.

State of Decay 2 was far from perfect at the time of release, but after almost four years of constant support, the game has become a completely different beast, with vastly improved visuals, performance, and features. Update 29 goes great with State of Decay 2 on the Xbox Series X|S and PC with vastly improved map visuals.

Here are some of the changes included in Update 29:

  • The old cards are now in no way inferior to the new ones. The appearance of Drucker County, Cascade Hills, and Meagher Valley has been completely redesigned.
  • Updated lighting, including ambient and direct lighting.
  • Updated foliage and vegetation, including new textures, more depth and saturation, and more
  • Updated background decorations to make maps more unique and dynamic
  • Updated ground textures, landscapes and rocks
  • Additional weather and ambient effects
  • Field of view slider in settings
  • New icons to visually differentiate rare and unique weapons
  • Ability to break fences and other destructible objects with heavy weapons
  • Fixes for characters getting stuck in the crouch state
  • Advanced Toolkits can sometimes be found in Plague Taverns

You can see the full list of changes here

Undead Labs is also actively working on SoD2’s sequel, State of Decay 3, which is expected to be a massive expansion over its predecessor. The title of the game hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s being worked on by a larger team and is fully supported by Xbox Game Studios. Undead Labs is known to be expanding its team as well, having recently started hiring employees.

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