Steam Deck Client Update Addressed Critical Issues and Added Some Features


valve released new update for Steam Deck, which solved some critical issues and added some features. March 11 Steam Deck Client Update Adds 15 FPS Frame Rate Cap, SD Progress Bar, First Wave of Keyboard Themes in Steam Points Shopgamepad support for Steam Point Award, numeric values ​​in the controller configuration panel, and the ability to manually enter an exact numeric value in the controller settings. The update also fixes several bugs, such as the progress bar crashing during a software update, the “Use touchscreen” item flashing on some web pages, and a bug that prevented controller settings from being saved.

In the meantime, the community has taken note of Steam Deck compatibility for various releases of Skyrim. Despite being one of the most loved and played games on Steam, users have found that Skyrim Special Edition has not yet been tested by Valve, so it is currently not among the Steam Deck compatible games. Fortunately, it can be played through the compatibility layer Proton – although the experience is not smooth, Skyrim Special Edition boasts a gold rating on ProtonDB.

Instead approved and tested Skyrim Legendary Edition for Steam Deck, which is a separate edition from the Special. The game works well, but in some situations (when launching or typing) it is not compatible with the controller and requires the use of the Steam Deck on-screen keyboard.

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