Steam Deck has an application that combines the main Launchers into a single library


Steam Deck is a game console primarily focused on Steam. However, many games in the Valve store use other launchers as the main downloader. And installing them on the Steam Deck is no easy task. As a rule, this process requires a lot of dancing with tambourines. For example, when trying to install the Epic Launcher on Steam Deck, users need to install in desktop mode, which is not very convenient on a set-top box.

Luckily, recently there has been an open source Lutris launcher. With a recent update, it allows you to run many top gaming platforms directly from your Steam library with a simple, unified user interface. According to Computer Base program scripts provide support for the Epic Games Store, Humble Bundle, Dolphins emulator, GOG launcher and, of course, Steam.

Moreover, this launcher works with Steam for Windows and Linux, which allows you to use it as a “launcher for launchers” also on your home PC, which has long been a joke and a dream of many gamers, but is now becoming a reality. Therefore, even if you do not have a Steam Deck, you still have the opportunity to get acquainted with this program.

TheLinuxExperiment blogger told more about the program in his video:

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