Steam Deck has over 2500 “tested” and “playable” games


valve continues testing to check compatibility Steam Deck with digital store library. There are currently more 2500 proven games to play.

By posting on Twitter, valve announced a new milestone for games Steam Deckmarked as “Verified” and “Playable”, there are more than 2,500 of them, or rather 2562.

There are currently 1,331 “tested” games and 1,231 “playable” ones. You can see the full list of games tested for Steam Deck on link.

Based on tests conducted by the team, games can receive three different classifications, which are reported on their dedicated store page. “Tested” means that the game works flawlessly in Steam Deck without any further action, “Playable” indicates a game that may require manual modification by the user, while “Not Supported” indicates that the game is not compatible with the console.

From a tweet posted on the official profile Steam Deckit also became known that on Monday, April, 4, valve will begin sending confirmation emails to customers who receive the console in the second quarter of 2022.

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