Steam Sales Date Revealed: Halloween, Fall & Winter 2021

There are three more major Steam sales left until 2021. Valve usually waits until the last minute to announce Steam sale dates, which leads those eagerly anticipating bargains to rely on leaks (dates are almost always leaked). But we won’t have to make any educated guesses this year as Valve has announced the Halloween, Fall and Winter sales dates. Here’s a timeline for the upcoming Steam sales:

Halloween: October 28 – November 1.

Autumn: November 24-30.

Winter: December 22 – January 5.

Yes, that means the next Steam Sale kicks off tomorrow. The Halloween sale is likely to be filled with cheap horror games, so if you’re looking for a spooky experience to play this weekend, you should definitely check out the discounts. Later this week, we’ll have a roundup of the best Halloween sales.

Most important here is the Winter Sale, which is one of the most intense events on Steam each year (along with the Summer Sale). The Winter Sale will run for two weeks and will include discounts on a wide variety of games. It’s too early to speculate, but the Steam Winter Sale usually features well-discounted recent releases as well as old games at absurdly low prices.

Steam sales have also gotten a little more intriguing with the upcoming release of the Steam Deck, Valve’s new handheld game console. The Steam Deck will begin shipping in December, although chances are, if you’ve booked in advance, you won’t receive the console until next year.

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