Steam Summer Sale 2021 Dates Announced

The Summer PC Games Annual Sale may start sooner than you think.

The annual Steam Summer Sale usually brings significant discounts on a ton of top PC games. Steam never announces Summer Sale dates in advance. However, it’s not hard to assume that the Summer Sale will take place during the summer season, and since it is June, it’s time to start preparing for the tidal wave of sales coming to us on Steam.

When is the Steam Summer 2021 Sale?

Steam Summer Sale 2021 is likely to start on June 24 at 20:00 Moscow time and will last until July 8. Last year’s Steam Summer Sale ran from June 25th to July 29th, making those dates even more likely.

This deadline was first reported back in April on the Steam database (@SteamDB) on Twitter, a particularly reliable source of this kind of information, which revealed that Valve has communicated these dates to its partners. For those unfamiliar, SteamDB is a non-affiliated project that keeps track of updates and news related to Valve’s Steam platform and has proven itself to be very accurate in pronos. For example, SteamDB correctly pointed to the start of the 2021 Steam Lunar New Year Sale earlier this year.

However, despite the evidence, these are still unconfirmed rumors at the moment, so please take this news with a grain of salt.

The annual sale usually has a theme: last year it was a “summer trip” and a year earlier it was a Grand Prix theme. The Steam Summer Sale will only run for two weeks, so be ready when the big game discounts begin.

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