Stories appeared in the Xbox app

Microsoft wants to make the Xbox app more social than ever before and is adding official game stories so you can see the best clips from your favorite games.

The new feature will allow the game to post stories similar to the ones you’ve seen on Instagram or Twitter. Images showing the game, or hints about the game, will be available to subscribers who can then share messages, like or comment on them. Given the limited social interactivity available on the Xbox app, this should encourage people to use it more often.

It remains to be seen if a similar storytelling feature will be available for players to post their own content, or if it will be permanently restricted to the official game channels. Right now, players can post screenshots or clips on various social networks or in their feed, but they are not so easy to spot right away.

The updated Xbox app, which replaced the previous version that has been in use for years, is still missing some features. You can no longer redeem codes or request games with gold directly in the iOS app, and you cannot even use it to purchase games. However, achievements that had been lifted for several months eventually returned.

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