Stray Bombay Company presented their first project

Stray Bombay Company developer, led by Left 4 Dead and Portal 2 writer Chet Faliszek, unveiled its first game during the Sumer Game Fest Kick Off live stream. The Anacrusis, an alien first-person shooter, is out this fall for PC and Xbox consoles, as well as Game Pass.

Anacrusis takes players aboard a 70s-style spaceship where a team of four must work together to shoot at hordes of aliens in order to survive. You will have a wide range of weapons at your disposal, from rifles to pistols, as well as skills that can be used to fight the alien horde.

It will be cross-platform play between PC and Xbox consoles, as well as an opportunity for players to share privileges with newcomers. In addition to their familiar weapons, players will have access to more sci-fi weapons such as arc lightning and whirlwind grenades. In addition, the characters are not divided into a class structure, which suggests that the perks are transferred to the player’s chosen character.

Faliszek said entertainment and social aspects were key to The Anacrusis’ design.

“We want people to have fun,” Faliszek said. “We want you to spend time with your friends. We want it to be social. This is our number one goal. And how do we do it? And we are really trying to do that in all of our systems. ”

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