Summer quest in War Thunder: The battle for new rare models of military equipment has started

Until August 29, players can complete missions and fight for four new models of military equipment: the Hungarian self-propelled gun Zrinyi I, the American F4D-1 Skyray carrier-based fighter, the German Leopard 2AV tank, and the Japanese battleship Haruna.

The list of rewards for completing tasks also includes new camouflage options, a player icon, decals, and decorators for fleets and ground vehicles dedicated to summer adventures.

Each vehicle model in the “Summer Quest” is a unique vehicle worthy of being in the collection of a fan of military history.

  • SAU Zrinyi I – a machine of the Second World War era, entirely designed and built in Hungary and named after the 16th century Hungarian national hero Miklós Zrinyi.
  • Leopard 2AV – this is a prototype tank, a transitional version from the Leopard 1 to the serial Leopard 2: the vehicle has a 105 mm L7A3 cannon familiar from the first series, while the FCS, power plant and armor scheme correspond to the early Leopards of the second series.
  • F4D-1 Skyray – the first ever supersonic carrier-based fighter, put into service in 1956, with excellent rate of climb and acceleration to transonic speed.
  • IJN Haruna was laid down as a Kongo-class battlecruiser and launched in 1915, but did not take part in World War I. Later, she was rebuilt into a fast battleship and in this capacity went through the entire Second World War.

A detailed description of the event and information about new types of vehicles are waiting for players on the official site games.

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