Support for Intel Raptor Lake-P Processor Added to Linux Kernel 5.19

Linux 5.19 received the addition of various open source operating system support.

One such addition was support for the Raptor Lake-S graphics driver in the PCI ID section of the core. Raptor Lake-P support has now been added to version 5.19 as well. The next generation Raptor Lake-P series will be available for lightweight high performance laptops.

Initial support code was shipped to the Linux 5.19 kernel adding PCI device IDs to the i915 graphics driver. With the latest support added to the Linux 5.19 kernel, the developers have included about 24 new lines of code to enable Raptor Lake-P support.

The next generation of Intel processors, codenamed Raptor Lake, is expected to offer 24 cores with 32 threads and a higher P-Core IPC.

Intel plans to release Raptor Lake in the second half of this year to coincide with the release of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series processors.

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