Survarium servers will be down by the end of May

Developers from Vostok Games reported that the servers of the MMO-shooter from the first person Survarium will be closed by the end of May.

Until the end of March, the game will continue to work in full: the developers will continue to release updates, and most of these changes will be based on the ideas and suggestions of players from the official Survarium Discord channel. Accordingly, the technical support service and the online store will work.

From the beginning of April, technical support will stop and monetization will be disabled (online store and in-game store), but game servers will continue to work. The creators will give away 50,000 gold and 500,000 silver to all players so that everyone can get and try out any weapons and equipment they like.

In mid-May, an in-game event dedicated to the closing of the game will begin, after which the game servers will be deactivated. The game will also be removed from Steam.

After the closure of Survarium, the Vostok Games team will fully focus on the new project, which is already in development.

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