Surviving the Abyss will go under water in January

The underwater base building simulator will be released in early access as part of the Paradox Arc program.

Surviving the Abyss is about building and managing a science lab at the bottom of the sea. Players will, among other things, take care of the needs and morale of its inhabitants, who find themselves in the face of mysterious horrors lurking in the dark.

At the center of the game’s story are secret experiments at the height of the Cold War, which are carried out in a deep-sea research facility. Exploration and mining of the seafloor will provide access to the resources needed to sustain light and power for scientists, as well as open up new opportunities for expansion. However, in the darkness of the deep sea, invisible dangers lurk that will not forgive the inhabitants of the center of mistakes.

Surviving the Abyss will be available in Early Access on January 17th, 2023 and can be added to your wishlist now on Steam.

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