Sylvester Stallone talks about what a fight between Rocky and Rambo could look like


There were not many movie franchises in the 70s and 80s of the last century, and Rocky and Rambo became pop culture icons. It also left many wondering which Sylvester Stallone character could win in a one-on-one duel, but now Sly himself has finally shared his opinion on the matter.

Stallone seems to have devoted quite a bit of time to the subject, as he shared in an Instagram post that analyzed this epic fight from almost every angle. Stallone makes it clear that this will be a street fight, and therefore no rules. The actor then concludes that Rocky will win if both fighters come together in hand-to-hand combat and fight in an upright position. “His body shots and right hooks would eventually take down Rambo,” Stallone explains, adding that Rocky has every chance of landing the first five punches on Rambo.

However, if Rocky cannot quickly deal with Rambo – Stallone believes that the latter will prevail if the fight is longer and goes to the ground. “If the fight drags on, Rambo will prevail in a bloody brutal fight to the end…” Stallone said, adding that it’s hard for him to imagine that Rambo will be knocked down by the first few blows. Rocky will also expect a good clean fight from Rambo, however the actor sees a lot of “incredibly brutal attacks on the eyes, throat, every vulnerable part of the body, which will eventually lead to the fact that Rocky is knocked to the ground and most likely riddled”.

And finally, Stallone stated that neither of these two fighters would have come out of this fight the same, since it is hard to imagine that such a fight would be anything other than a death match. In Rocky’s defense, the entire franchise is all about toughness in one of the best underdog stories, so anyone with any movie or boxing knowledge would definitely give Rocky a shot, as the fictional sports icon usually lasted at least 12 rounds.

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