System Shock remake is already playable ‘from start to finish’, but devs ‘want to make it right’


A new update on System Shock Remake has surfaced on Kickstarter detailing the current state of the game. The remake is reported to be playable “from start to finish”, but it looks like it could be a long time before one of the best immersive horror games ever made returns.

It’s been a long time since work began on System Shock: Remastered, a complete remake of the classic immersive sim that inspired the likes of BioShock, Deus Ex, and Prey. Kickstarter was fully funded back in 2016, but it seems to have developed rather slowly.

In a new Kickstarter blog from February 2022, developer Nightdive gives positive information about the System Shock remake. The team says that at this point in time, System Shock is “essentially playable from start to finish” with a focus on “polishing the levels, adding more art, animation, and creating a lot of secondary assets.”

As for when the release itself will be, it may take some time. Nightdive says it has “never set a specific release date” but acknowledges that “previous release window estimates have not been met”, adding “We’re hearing disappointment and frankly we don’t want to do it again.”

We want everything to be done right. Rest assured, there is no reason to assume that the game will not be released. It’s coming, the game will be released and we feel that those who have been patiently waiting will be rewarded with a game they can enjoy.

The team still plans to release System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition “at the same time as the System Shock remake”, but the planned VR version will take longer. Nightdive recently released PowerSlave: Exhumed on Steam, although it notes that the team is “completely separate” from the folks at System Shock, so it didn’t impact development.

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