Take a look at the new versions of Arthas from WoW, Armored Titan from Attack on Titan and Kitana from Mortal Kombat 4


Several artists have introduced next generation characters for World of Warcraft, Attack on Titan and Mortal Kombat 4. And they look amazing.

Let’s start with Attack on Titan. Ubisoft Senior Character Artist Loic Sprimont recreated the Armored Titan. Although there is no video of this character, you can find some screenshots below. Sprimont created this 3D model using Zbrush, and in theory this high-poly character could be imported into Unreal Engine 5 and its details preserved (thanks to Nanite).

On the other hand, Darko Subotin shared a video showing Kitana from Mortal Kombat 4 in Unreal Engine 5. He is currently working on the ending of Kitana in Unreal Engine 5. So far, he has recreated the endings of Jax, Sonya, Scorpion, and Quan Chi, which you can found in the news MK4.

Finally, Alex Skirving recreated Arthas from World of Warcraft in Unreal Engine 5. He created Arthas in Z-Brush and used Quixel Megascans to create the snow environment.

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