Take-Two Interactive’s New Patent May Hint at the Huge Size of GTA 6’s World


After the huge success of its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 6 is a highly anticipated game. With potentially more than 2 years left before the release date, many fans are waiting for at least some news regarding the new part of the series.

Unfortunately for these fans, news about the game is mostly limited to rumors. Whether each new rumor is true or false remains to be confirmed by Rockstar, which has been largely silent on the game since the game was revealed.

Recently, Reddit user CoryLVV created a post talking about a patent created by Take-Two that seems to indicate the possibility of an incredibly large map in Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to CoryLVV, the patent relates to an in-game system that will switch players from one session to another without the need for loading screens. Along with a significant reduction in load times, the patent also implies that players will have huge areas to explore, given that they will need to switch between zones. This rumor could potentially lead to GTA 6 being a game with several huge areas – states, or even countries.

The idea of ​​an open world, even bigger than Grand Theft Auto 5, is exciting. Tons of content already exists in the game at its current size, with tons of DLC added over time. If CoryLVV’s hunches are correct and the patent turns out to be for Grand Theft Auto 6, the possibilities for content could be almost endless.

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