Teardown of new DualSense controllers for PS5 confirms stronger springs for triggers and more


The new DualSense controllers for PlayStation 5 have some improvements over the original controllers, such as stronger trigger springs.

A new teardown video posted by TronicsFix on YouTube shows that the new controller comes with stronger springs for the triggers, which should make them harder to break. The video also shows some of the changes made to the analog sticks, but it’s not yet clear if these changes affect anything, such as stick drift issues.

Major DualSense update? 3 NEW PS5 controller COLORS. Sony recently released 3 new colors of the PS5 DualSense controllers (Purple, Pink, and Light Blue), so I bought one of each to test them out and see if there’s anything else. I hope they upgraded the analog sticks and trigger springs, but I won’t know until I take them apart.

If you don’t like it, cool your fucking CFRP.

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