Techland is considering adding a New Game+ to Dying Light 2


Though Dying Light 2 filled with content, that didn’t stop gamers from finishing it (relatively) quickly. However, it appears that even after the game’s main campaign is complete, some players want to play it again and request New Game+ mode.

Lead Designer on Twitter Techland Timon Smektala has confirmed requests for a New Game+ mode for Dying Light 2, and while he can’t confirm any dates or what’s in it, he’s hopeful it will happen.”soon“.

I can’t confirm release dates for New Game+, but we’re hearing your requests. I hope this can happen and will happen pretty soon.

In another Twitter conversation, Smektala asked players about their accessibility options and what their top concerns are.

I’m sure there are accessibility options that you think we should have, but didn’t. Would you like to give me an example? What do you miss the most? What makes the game uncomfortable? We’re moving towards adding more… so what should be added?

Given that Techland has already promised five years of post-launch support, having a New Game+ mode makes sense. Let’s hope that this happens soon, but not before the main problems of the game are resolved. Last week, the game received a patch fixing a nasty death loop bug on PC, and it’s expected to be released on consoles next week.

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