Techland is ‘very proud’ of Dying Light 2 and continues to work on fixes despite grueling launch


On February 4, after years of development, Techland officially released Dying Light 2 Stay Human, giving fans of the original the opportunity to re-immerse themselves in this post-apocalyptic world. While the game received a mixed response from critics, it has been heavily played by many gamers since its inception.

On the occasion of the game’s release, Gamereactor sat down with Davide Lubrica, Director of Animation at Techland, who talked about the studio’s pride in the game and how the bug fixes are progressing.

It’s a great feeling to finally release a game. Each of us has been waiting for this moment. We wanted the audience, the audience, to play the game, to experience it, and that’s the first thing. Secondly, we really want to get the opinion of a wide audience and understand what we can still work on, since we, as Techland, made a promise that we will provide five years of support for the game, at least five years, maybe more, and then the same thing happened with the first part.

We are very aware that we have released something that we are really proud of, but we know that we will continue to work on it, and this is how things are now at Techland. We are not quite calm yet, although we are very tired, but we want to correct everything we can. We’re getting very good feedback from players on what they like and don’t like, and the team is currently working on improvements and fixes.

We have some developments, we have some ideas what we want to improve first of all, but everything is very fresh. It’s only been one weekend so far, so first we need to improve the things we knew about before launch and wanted to fix. And now that we’ve started collecting feedback, we have enough information to understand what needs to be improved, and we continue to work in this direction.

Just the other day, Techland reported that the post-apocalyptic world of the game Dying Light 2 Stay Human has already been visited by more than three million players.

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