Techland Releases Update 1.41 For Dying Light With New Event Support, Rewards And More


Techland released a major update 1.41 for Dying Light, which adds a new event and more. Though Dying Light 2 will be released in two weeks, the developers continue to release updates for the first part.

Dying Light 1.41 Update Notes:

  • Support for the new Spike’s Story: Last Call event
  • Balance Changes for Snowstorm (Frost Grenade Launcher in the Snow Ops Bundle)
  • Fixed clipping issue with gloves in the Van Crane suit (Van Crane Bundle).
  • New Items and Blueprints
  • New event type
  • Additional Enemy Variant
  • New graffiti
  • Bug fixes and improvements
    • [DL] Flashlight usage is now limited in Nightmare.
    • [DL] Event pop-ups now pause the game (single player only).
    • [Hellraid] Bundles with arrows now need to be picked up by yourself, and not automatically.
  • Minor fixes

The Spike’s Story: Last Call event starts today and will run until January 28th. It consists of several parts and is associated with awards.

Spike organizes a safe zone for the survivors who managed to escape. However, there are still many who need help getting there, and it will take real grit and extraordinary skills to weather the storm and bring them to safety. You are now their only hope. Camden wanted to equip them with his special suits, but unfortunately only a few of them managed to get them. As few as they are, they can be really useful, so keep your eyes peeled. Yeah, and as for the zombie situation, I think Spike already has an idea how to deal with it. Just follow his instructions and we might have a chance.

Players will also notice that Dying Light 2 banners and graffiti are scattered throughout the event. Here are some screenshots:

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