Thanks to the latest patch, Crysis Remastered is now 81% faster than the launch version


When did you leave Crysis Remastered, it was criticized for technical issues and poor performance. The game had severe stuttering issues at launch and was mostly single-threaded. Fortunately, Crytek decided to improve the performance of the game with some post-launch updates. And now, after a year and a half after the launch, we can finally enjoy the game at a high frame rate.

As reported in 2020, Crysis Remastered had significant performance issues in CPU bound scenes. For example, this scene ran at 48fps at 1080p/Very High on an Intel i9 9900K PC with 16GB DDR4 at 3800MHz, Samsung 970 Pro SSD 1TB M.2 NVMe, 64-bit Windows 10 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080.

In November 2020, Crytek released a patch providing a 43.75% performance improvement in CPU-heavy areas. And with the latest update of the game, there is an 81% performance improvement compared to its launch version.

Here is the same scene with high CPU usage, with exactly the same settings (1080p/Very High). Also pay attention to CPU usage (the game is now heavily using four CPU cores).

Overall, Crytek has greatly improved the performance of the game with these post-launch updates.

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