The actor who gave the appearance of the main character of Ghost of Tsushima is ready to participate in the film adaptation


Against the backdrop of encouraging news from the camp of the authors of the film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima, the production of a film based on the game is gradually attracting Hollywood stars. Daisuke Tsuji, who gave his appearance and voice to the protagonist of the samurai action, announced his desire to participate in the filming of the tape.

Exciting! Call me if you need me.

— the actor commented on the latest news about the film adaptation.

Tsuji has a real chance to play his role again now for the movie format. The actor has repeatedly participated in television projects and films. He played his biggest role in the series “The Man in the High Castle”, where he was the crown prince. In addition, he is quite trained and can repeat the movements from the game, which he proved in one of the videos.

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