The actress who voiced the female version of Shepard may return to the main role in the new Mass Effect


It is already reliably known that the next part of Mass Effect will continue the original storyline of the first three games. Apparently, fans of the franchise have every chance to hear characters familiar to the series. Jennifer Hale, voice actress for the female version of Captain Shepard in the Mass Effect trilogy, has commented on her possible return to the famous role. According to her, she can return to her role in the new Mass Effect, but this will depend solely on the desire of the fans.

Hale stated that she did not mind voicing Sheparad again and was even ready for it. However, she did not receive an invitation to voice the character from BioWare. The actress advised fans to personally ask the developers to return her to the role if it was relevant.

From the words of Hale, it becomes clear that at the moment the developers of the new Mass Effect have not turned to the original cast of voice actors. Probably, in the new game we are waiting for new heroes with new voices, or the studio has not yet begun the stage of voicing.

Mass Effect is being created for PC and next generation consoles based on Unreal Engine 5.

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