The announcement of the survival game Dead Man’s Diary took place in which we have to survive the apocalypse


TML-Studios announced Dead Man’s Diarya brand new survival and exploration game coming to Steam at the end of next month.

Dead Man’s Diary puts players in the shoes of a survivor during the apocalypse. The world on the surface was destroyed when the rockets started flying over a decade ago. Now you are running out of food and will have to explore the world to survive.

This upcoming game will have survival mechanics; you will need to find food, drinking water, and a safe place to sleep at night. What makes it different from a typical survival game is the story told in the diary entries. You also have to solve some “tricky but realistic” puzzles.

What is particularly interesting about the upcoming release is who is developing it. TML-Studios previously worked on simulation games such as Tourist Bus Simulator And Fernbus Simulator. This makes the upcoming survival game somewhat unusual for them – and perhaps something worth experiencing for yourself. All of this will take place in “realistically bleak” landscapes, according to a press release, and will be created by a developer with sufficient experience on the engine. unreal engine.

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