The announcement of the ultra-violent turn-based strategy Homicidal All-Stars took place

The heroes have to survive in the bloodthirsty reality show of the future.

Homicidal All-Stars tells the story of the brutal reality show of the same name, in which the participants fight to the death in urban arenas filled with deadly traps, intricate puzzles and heavily armed thugs. All this is for the amusement of the public, to distract it from extreme income inequality, constant wars and unrest.

Gameplay is a tactical strategy game in the spirit of XCOM: players have to fight through hand-crafted levels, kill enemies, find sponsorship packages with useful loot, and complete challenging challenges from the directors of the show. And in between matches, you can upgrade your character, chat with other participants and give interviews.

The project will be released on PC this year. On Steam You can already add Homicidal All-Stars to your wishlist.

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