The appearance of the soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel from the introduction of Fallout 3 has become known

Power armor is undoubtedly one of the most famous elements of the video game universe. Fallout, which is why it is constantly used in promotional materials and on the covers of games. Announcement video (which later became the game introduction) Fallout 3 was no exception – the players remembered for a long time the fragment when, among the ruins of Washington, an unknown soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel in power armor armed with a laser rifle appears armed with a laser rifle and begins to look menacingly directly at the audience, as if doubting that they will be able to survive in the wastelands.

As it turned out, this fighter really exists in the world of the game. It is not possible to find a character in an honest way, therefore, to find him, you must use the developer console (“~ / e” key) and enter the command coc intro01, after which the player will enter the same location from the introductory video. Since it was never intended for exploration, normal movement along it is difficult, and the player character himself appears at a high altitude, because of which, without entering the “tgm” command, the hero will most likely die when he touches the ground. On the bridge of the location will be the same person from the introduction.

As it turned out, under the helmet is a bald African American with a black beard, whose name is Brotherhood of Steel (Brotherhood of Steel), just like the faction he belongs to. But despite how threatening he seemed in the introductory video, the Brotherhood of Steel is absolutely harmless: at the slightest hint of danger, he will start to run away, shouting out the standard remarks of representatives of his organization in the voice of Denis Nekrasov (in the official localization from 1C). Killing this person is considered an evil deed, which will result in the loss of karma points from the hero.

It is also worth noting that, unlike the video itself, in which the developers chose the correct chiaroscuro, time of day and favorable angles, as well as increased detail and other graphical improvements, the location does not look so impressive on the game engine in real time, since it was never intended for research. However, the player will be able to pick up many items and interact with various containers in the same way as they would in other locations.

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