The authors of Lineage presented an MMO shooter in a world with an alternative history

Players are waiting for a sci-fi universe in which the 23rd century and the Byzantine Empire of the 10th century are mixed.

NCSOFT has announced a third-person shooter set in an open, dilapidated world. According to the developers, when creating the setting, the authors were inspired by the works of Frank Herbert (“Dune”) and Philip K. Dick.

Players are waiting for strategic battles with each other, mutants and even creatures from other dimensions in the vast world, a scale of approximately 30 square kilometers. Participants will be able to travel through it in vehicles, aircraft and even furs, and procedurally generated content will constantly throw up new activities adapted to the player.

The authors intend to create a next-generation session game that will be seriously different from the popular “royal battles” and loot shooters. Project LLL will release in 2024 on PC and consoles.

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