The authors of “The Boys” are delighted: more than 20 million complaints were sent to the debut trailer of the third season


Not so long ago, Amazon published the first trailer for the new season of the ironic superhero series The Boys. The authors of the show did not stand on ceremony and showed a lot of action and blood in the debut video. Now they are bragging that they have likely set a new record for the number of complaints. The trailer for the third season has received more than 20 million complaints for adult content.

The creators of the series admitted that such a stir among the “fighters for justice” only makes them happy. According to them, the video clearly shows the main trump cards of the series – it does not try to be “for everyone”, but tells its own story.

The series is slated to premiere in early summer. The first three episodes of the new season will air on June 3rd.

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